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The Giving Tree

I wanted Stuff as much as any other kid, but this feeling — deep and yet ephemeral — felt more important and bigger and much more adult than opening up that remote controlled truck I wanted so badly.

History of a Born Book-Lover

A good number of people come in the store and wonder aloud how great a job it must be to run a bookstore. The answer, in short: it’s a dream job. From here many of these same book-lovers ask how I got into the business, so here’s the history of The Bookstore Lady.

Downtown Mansfield Scavenger Hunt 2015 — We’ve Gone Bananas!

The Downtown Mansfield Scavenger Hunt is back in July 2015! For the entire month of July, kids can search for the image of one of the Carrousel animals in businesses around the downtown area. Prizes can be claimed after finding certain a certain number of them. On Saturday, August 1 we’ll have a party at the Carrousel for everyone who found the animal 20 or more times with carrousel rides, cookies, and prizes.

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