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Saying Goodbye to Main Street Books

Dear Main Street Books Friends and Family, I'm writing you today with sad news: the owner of the bookstore, John Fernyak, has decided it's time to close Main Street Books' doors permanently. Our last day will be Saturday, September 26. As the manager for over nine...

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The Grinch Who Left Christmas Where She Found It

Historically, I’ve been something of a Grinch about Christmas. This is not to say that I actively try to deny people the holiday — no ornaments up my sleeves, no roast beast in my bag — but I have been known to, passive aggressively, make the holiday a miserable experience for those around me.

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The Giving Tree

I wanted Stuff as much as any other kid, but this feeling — deep and yet ephemeral — felt more important and bigger and much more adult than opening up that remote controlled truck I wanted so badly.

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