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At Main Street Books

artisan and handmade cards

Literary artisan cards from Columbus’ Little City Love.


Rad American Women

All girls need a copy of this, for real.


For all your “deep” thoughts. (Sorry)

MSB T-shirt

Purple, green, red, and gray. And hoodie.


It’s a state of mind.

I like Big Books bag

You other brothers can’t deny…

Richland County through time book

The latest in the series of local history books.

Handmade cards (Llalan's Mom)

Handmade cards by The Bookstore Mom.


That cheetah was named Chiquita.



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Sandwich Board Wisdom

When you arrive at Main Street Books, you are welcomed with a witty chalkboard sign. Sadly, they only last a few days, but now you can enjoy them anytime!


“A bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking.”

-Jerry Seinfeld

UH OH, I need a gift now!

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