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A Few of Our Favorite Things

at Main Street Books

Breakbeat Poets

Challenge how you think about poetry.

Whimsical Cards

Whimsical cards handmade by a local artist.

Cle beer

Essential reference book for your Ohio beer fans.



Derf joins us for May’s 1st Friday event!

MSB T-shirt

Purple, green, red, and gray. And hoodie.

Birds Book

It’s the word.


For that day you have to explain punk rock to your kid.

SW Shakespeare

Get your kids to read Shakespeare!

Coloring Book

Inside or outside the lines: up to you.

Strayed Brave

Wise words from a strong woman.

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Sandwich Board Wisdom

When you arrive at Main Street Books, you are welcomed with a witty chalkboard sign. They change often, but now you can enjoy them anytime!


“A bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking.”

-Jerry Seinfeld

UH OH, I need a gift now!

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