October 18, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Main Street Books is thrilled to announce an art show coming up called “Random Sentiments in Colours & Inque” by local artist Aurelio Villa Luna Diaz. The show will consist mostly of photography and ink drawings. Join us for the show opening on Friday, October 18 from 5-7pm.

Of his show, the artist says:

I surround myself with vibrant colours for several reasons:

1)      To instigate the rise of healing energy.

2)      To create an invisible force field from terrorizing specters.

3)       As a homage to Mexican heritage.

4)      For smiles, laughs, tears, and sobs.

5)      For you, you, and you.

 I sketch in inque for several reasons:

1)      It’s a third language.

2)      To reflect on undeveloped progress.

3)      As mementos of love.

4)      To highlight.

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